ocPortal upgrader

This is the ocPortal upgrade tool. This tool is a part of ocPortal, but it is intentionally kept lightweight to minimise the risk of a corrupt/old ocPortal installation causing it to itself malfunction.

The following files have been superceded by new versions, but you have overrides/customisations blocking the new versions. Look into this and consider reincorporating your changes into our new version. If this is not done, bugs (potentially security holes) may occur, or be left unfixed. If your modification was done since ocPortal 3.0.0, using an inbuilt editor, then the file on which you based it will be saved as file.editfrom: you may use a tool such as WinMerge to compare the 'editfrom' file to your own, and then apply those same changes to the latest version of the file.

The following alien files were found in ocPortal and probably should be deleted. It is likely these files are remnants of the previous version, and they may cause problems if left behind.

Read the ocProducts upgrading tutorial. The most critical advice is to always take a backup before performing anything more than a patch upgrade.